A Portfolio of recent relief carved murals, in stone, by A. P. Gentile

The ancient art of relief carving dates back to the pre-Egyptian Nubian civilization. Its timeless endurance makes for a lasting statement and chronicles ancient history. In ancient India great sculpture was produced in an organic tradition, one emphasizing movement and sensuousness.

Indonesian stone carving proves to be a unique manifestation of the art. It traditionally moves us by its particular combination of devotional works, emphasizing sensuality, with a strong architectonic character; it's almost as if it combines devotional elements of Hindu sculpture with the strongly formal architectural characteristics of Egypt into a single entity.

On the island of Bali the tradition still survives and can be seen in the incorporation of decorative or devotional works appearing on temples.

Now for the first time, working under the guidance of an American artist, the expert craftsmen of Bali are producing monumental contemporary works of art that are exported throughout the world, and grace fine hotels and private residences worldwide.

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